The Urantia Society of Greater New York (USGNY) is a duly registered non-profit (501.c.3) organization whose primary purpose is to foster the study, dissemination and living of the teachings of The Urantia Book. The Society meets regularly throughout the year at various locations in the greater New York metropolitan area.

The meetings include time for socializing, a creative worship experience, and a program of Urantia Book study followed by a business meeting. Recent program study topics have included: “The Soul”, “God The Supreme”, “Angels” and “The Urantia Book in Relation to Organized Religions.”

Guests are always welcome and may stay to observe the business meeting if they wish.
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Contact Us

Urantia Society of Greater New York  
PO Box 175, Fort Lee, NJ   07024-0175
(917) 701-9033

Click HERE to DOWNLOAD a PDF File containing the USGNY's Constitution

Click HERE to contect us for more information or questions about becoming a member of the Urantia Society of Greater New York (USGNY).

New York Area Study Groups

There are several Urantia Book study groups that meet in the Greater New York area and they are listed below.

These study groups offer an informal environment in which to discuss the profound spiritual and philosophical concepts found in The Urantia Book. Some groups study the book sequentially, while others take a topical approach. Whether you are a brand new reader or have many years experience, you are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Below is a list of study groups you may contact.

New York City

Manhattan (Soho): Robin & Helene   
Manhattan (midtown): Nick   

New York - Orange County

Goshen: Karen   

New York - Westchester County

Westchester County, Somers: Gary   

New Jersey

Fort Lee: Steve & Bobbie   
Palisades Park (Korean): Rev. Kim   
Jersey City: Doreen   


Southern Connecticut: Dave & Marta   

US Domestic & Int’l Study Groups

Click HERE for Domestic and International Study Group Directory

Amazon Smile

The Urantia Society of Greater New York (USGNY) has established an Amazon Smile account so it can benefit from purchases made using this vendor. There is NO COST to the buyer using this program. This is simply a program provided by Amazon to benefit registered non-profit organizations such as USGNY.

For all purchases made on the Amazon website, using USGNY as your Amazon Smile beneficiary, the society will receive a small percentage based on the total amount of your purchase.

To benefit the society while you are shopping on the Amazon website, please follow this process:

1. Go to: http://smile.amazon.com/ before you shop and select Urantia Society of Greater New York as the organization you want to benefit. How to do this can vary depending on the device you are using. For example:

On a Desktop Computer

a. Immediately under the Search window on that page, near the top of the screen, you should see the word “Supporting”, perhaps followed by an org name. If the current org name is “Urantia Society of Greater New York”, GREAT! That’s what you want to see. Start shopping via this page!

b. If the organization name is missing, or there is some other org name shown, click on the word SUPPORTING, or the small down arrow (). This will bring up a window for you to search for: “Urantia Society of Greater New York”. Once found, select this as your beneficiary.

On a Mobile Device

a. Go to your Account Settings

b. Search for, then Select Urantia Society of Greater New York under the: Change Your Charity option

2. Start shopping!!!.

3. NOTE: Future shopping on Amazon should likewise be started from this page: http://smile.amazon.com/