USGNY Technology Center - Overview

This page will contain technical information related to the electronic use of The Urantia Book text for the purposes of: ePublication, search, research, secondary works, and/or other uses of the text that may facilitate its awareness, dissemination, and study.

Before continuing I would like to acknowledge the prior, ground-breaking, albeit visionary work of Mr. Troy Bishop. It was through my too-short association with this extraordinary gentleman that I began my schooling in the art of the electronic handling and manipulation of The Urantia Book text, and when I began to more fully appreciate the potential to spread the revelation in the eWorld.

Topics presented in this section of the Urantia Society of Greater New York's website will include:

 The Digitized Urantia Book. A geniusly simple method to encode/decode the text of The Urantia Book for multi-lingual, programmatic use. This information is based upon the so-called "exemplar" format, developed by Troy Bishop circa 2005. This exemplar format is fundamental to understanding/using the various techniques and code presented and available on this site.

 Creating HTML pages from an exemplar

 Exemplar-based Search Engines

 Exemplar-based Urantia Book Glossary

  Possible Future Uses of Exemplar Formatted Versions of The Urantia Book